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2023        Futuress Tutorial. Between Imaginary and Image: Architecture as Storyteller. K-Haus, Basel, Switzerland.
2023       Inclusion and diversity in architectural academia and practice. A conversation talk with Dr. Torsten Lange and Khensani Jurczok-de
                  Klerk.  Intersectional space is architectural practice and academia. USI Mendrisio, Switzerland.
2023        Jour Fixe-Vortragsreihe 2022/23 „Practices Of Care“ – Roundtable #3 Care. Is there any pleasure in learning? turning to study to care.
                  ABK Stuttgart, Germany
2023        Urban Design Otherwise: Towards anticolonial design: urgency, methodology and diffractions. UCL Development Planning Unit,
                  London UK (online). Disruptive by Default: Design in Everyday Spatial Practices
2022       Loudreaders Session 31 hosted by Loudreader Trade School by WAI Think Tank [watch here]
2022       her(e) otherwise invited by saay/yaas walk and public talk at arc en rêve centre d'architecture, Bordeaux, France [watch here]
2021       Dept. of the Ongoing. Curriculum Workshop at Technische Universität München [online] organised by Prof Meike Schalk and
2020       Josiane Schmidt
2021       Building Beyond Type: Summer School on Collective Strategies for Just Cities hosted by Permanent Brussels [watch here] We Are
2020       the City: Towards a Fluid Spatial Lexicon.

2021        Space of Other Talk in Who is We? Multiplicity of Other Netherlands pavilion by Afaina de Jong, conversation, Venice Bienniale,
2020        Italy [online]
2021        Critical Perspectives on Spatial Practice panel [with Dr. Ghazal Jafari and Ana María Durán Calisto]
2020        at LABash Conference, Cornell University, US [watch here]
2021        Collectivising! presentation in Blueprint for Decolonisation symposium [hosted by the Architecture Foundation and Asian
2020        Architects Association] London, UK [watch here]
2020        Matri-Archi on alteration, transformation, diversity guest lecture Parity Talks V, ETH Zürich, Switzerland [online]
2020       arquiteturas do sul global: on Research as Practice guest lecture, Escola da Cidade, Brazil [watch here]
2020       100 Day Studio: Southern Ecosystems guest lecture, The Architecture Foundation, London [watch here]
2020      100 Day Studio: Dismantling the Master’s House: Bringing Intersectionality to an Architecture School, The Architecture
2020       Foundation London [watch here]


2023        Interdisciplinary approaches to gender and diversity. Co-guest lecture teaching with Dr. Torsten Lange. Making module. Faculty of
                 Communication, Culture and Society. Lugano, Switzerland.
2023       MA Spatial Strategies guest lecture teaching and workshop. Disruptive walking margin to centre, Weissensee Kunsthochschule Berlin.
                 Berlin, Germany.
2022       Blackerblackness guest lecture + workshop, hosted by Ola Hassanain and Simone Zeefuik at Sandberg Insituut, Amsterdam, The
2021       ETH Zürich, the Chair of Affective Architectures, You’re Not My Type hosted by the Department of the Ongoing, Regensdorf
2020       Zürich. We Are the City: Towards a Fluid Spatial Lexicon.
2021      University of Nottingham, Architecture Department Unit 2 Design and Build Studio. Nottingham, United Kingdom. Spatial
2020      Storytelling: Conduit + Vessel.

2021       InvestIn: The Young Architect Summer Internship Programme. London, UK [online] tutoring
2021       University of Cape Town, School of Architecture, Planning and Geomatics BAS Design Studio 1 hosted by Dr. Huda Tayob [online]
2020      Spatial Storytelling: Conduit + Vessel.
2021       University of Cape Town, School of Architecture, Planning and Geomatics BAS Cultural Landscapes #3 hosted by Prof. Tomà
2020      Berlanda [online] Spatial Storytelling: Conduit + Vessel.

Features, interviews, contributions

2023         Mentor in Building Beyond cycle 2: Reimagining The Future of Cities. Prince Claus Fund & Creative Industries Fund NL.
2022         Mentor in Building Beyond cycle 1: Reimagining The Future of Cities. Prince Claus Fund & Creative Industries Fund NL. 
2022         Guest editor of Chapter 5: Public Infrastructure and Safe Space for Black Women. Chapter[s] at POSTSCRIPT. London.
2021         Kontextur Interview: Khensani de Klerk [interview]
2020        Archdaily: Spatial Education and the Future of African Cities: An Interview with Matri-Archi [interview]   

2020        Dezeen: Ten architecture projects by University of Cambridge undergraduate and
                  postgraduate students [project feature]

2020        Beautiful News: meet the architects of freedom [news documentary]
2020        Residency 11:11 by Mmakhotso Lamola [podcast guest]
2019        South African Property Review: The Voice for The Industry [interview]

2018        KunstMuseum Bern: U5 – House Of Sentiments – Part 2: Talking About Space, Collaboration And Process [interview]

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