Spatial Storytelling: Conduit + Vessel

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Performance installation
by Khensani de Klerk
in response to an invitation by host Disembodied Territories 

︎ see full digital installation here

Employing collage as a means of making visible often intangible challenges, ideas and fantasies around safety; the semi-corporeal moving object situates itself as both conduit and vessel. As a fabric of narratives interwoven and viewed collectively in the public realm, it acts as a conduit for storytellers to share their experiences and understandings of the city. As an entangled visualisation of stories navigating through the urban spaces in the form of a garment, it acts as a vessel holding the fluidity of everyday lives near and far, speaking to the temporality of safety as a gregarious rather than solely reclusive state of how Black women inhabit the built environment.

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