Atlantis Polis: The Intersectionality of Spatial Practice


TU Delft, The Netherlands + online

Article publication
by Khensani de Klerk
, invited and edited by Atlantis Polis 

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This research article featured as in volume #28 of TU Delft’s Atlantis Polis Magazine for Urbanism & Landscape Architecture October 2017 issue. The theme of the issue was titled “Action | Reaction”. The issue of the volume focused specifically on Action and Reaction in implementation across various heterogeneous sites focused in their contexts. The issue included a range of articles that sought to “uncover links between places that only seem to share a common time zone”- vol #28 preface. The article speaks about Intersectionality in the context of architectural learning, discourse and practice in South Africa. It provocatively challenges notions of universal architectural epistemology by engaging in themes of audacity, authorship and adaptation.

de Klerk, K (2017) The Intersectionality of Spatial Practice, Atlantis Magazine for Urbanism & Landscape Architecture by Polis TU Delft, vol1, p33-34

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