Cambridge, UK + online 

hosted by Khensani de Klerk, graphic design by Michael Tymbios, jingle production by Michael Dawson and Dustin van Wyk

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KONTEXT is a podcast that invites a different guest per episode to speak about a place - city, village, neighbourhood, street, landscape - that they are locale to, researching or simply deeply interested in. The show is hosted by Khensani de Klerk, who comes from an architectural and city planning background. KONTEXT covers many scales - the city, the street, the room - and explores all kinds of themes specific to that place and person. Season one explores different contexts by interviewing 10 guests currently researching different location in the Cambridge Design Research Studio at The University of Cambridge. The project is independent of the university.

Guests include: Shirley Lo, Jefferson Chan, Stephen Smith, Elliot Zhou, Irene Carlucci, Chelsea Sia, Joseph Marchbank, Charlotte Airey, James Smith and more.

If you are interested in getting in conversation, contact khensanideklerk-work@gmail.com 


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